Autumn Wisdom Yoga and Ayurveda Course with Natalie Rousseau

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Learn to transition through the seasons with Natalie Rousseau

We have passed through the peak of the yearly cycle and have now entered the waning season of autumn, a time of falling leaves and scattered seeds. The bright hues of spring and summer are being replaced with tones of russet and gold and the days are noticeably shorter. The cycle of growth has slowed and though harvest season will continue for a little longer we can see its end in sight. . .

This online workshop will provides tips on how to manage your energy skilfully during the transitions of summer to autumn so that you may satiate yourself with the pleasure of the season but still maintain overall health and balance.

Autumn Wisdom also offers you a small glimpse of what you will find in some of my other programs and is a good introduction to my full length online courses.

Natalie Rousseau Living Yoga Online course for Autumn Wisdom


I identify as woman, mother, storyteller, guide, wisdom seeker, earth lover, yogini, and kitchen witch. I value conversation, community, curiosity, humility, freedom of choice, and personal integrity. I am passionate about learning and have devoted my life to the study of yoga, meditation, traditional wisdom teachings, and earth centred medicine. I believe in the power of personal practice as a means of reclaiming our inherent wisdom and love nothing more than to support and witness others as they walk their own path of remembrance.

The Autumn Wisdom Workshop Includes

  • 90- minutes of video presentations broken into small lessons (15-20 minutes long)
  • 3 fifteen minute yoga sequences
  • 1 guided breath & meditation practice
  • 3 simple herbal medicine recipes for autumn wellness
  • 3 seasonal recipes to nourish your body
  • 2 aromatic body care recipes for your autumn skin rituals
  • a short list of my favourite autumn herbs & essential oils
  • supportive handouts
  • resources for ordering herbs & essential oils

This short workshop on Autumn Wisdom Practices has been designed to help you tap into the beauty of this season in a way that allows you to receive its gifts fully.

See you inside,

Natalie Rousseau Autumn Wisdom Online Course