This Home Practice Bundle includes -

5 Mythic Yoga Flows inspired by my love of Hindu mythology

  • Siva & Sakti Flow
  • Invoking Krishna
  • Embodying Hanuman
  • Meeting Visvamitra
  • Embodying Ganesha

3 Ayurvedic yoga flows to support you in creating balance

  • Vata reducing flow for grounded ease
  • Pitta reducing flow for clarity and calm
  • Kapha reducing flow to raise your vital energy

3 Creative Vinyasa flows

  • Slower is Stronger, a slow and strong vinyasa sequence to challenge you
  • Moving Into Stillness, a practice to support meditation
  • No Chaturanga Vinyasa, a dynamic practice with less weight bearing vinyasa sequences

Your Instructor

Natalie Rousseau
Natalie Rousseau

I am a woman who wears many hats. I identify as student, seeker, and storyteller. Mother, mentor and magic maker. I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 2001 and love to support others on the path of self-discovery through practices of personal ritual. My lifelong curiosity with nature's rhythms has led me to my studies in Ayurveda, Western herbalism, and various earth-based wisdom traditions. I bring a love of myth and story to my work as I have found symbolism to be a powerful teacher. This dance of seasonal reverence, embodied practice, mythic story, and kitchen medicine lie at the heart of all that I share.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to these classes?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to these classes for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What level of practice are these videos suitable for?
These classes are taught in a vinyasa style which means they are fairly vigorous and dynamic in nature. They are taught at an Intermediate level and so are most suitable for those with prior experience with the practice of yoga, however the practices can be modified for individual needs and I offer suggestions for modification throughout.

In this Home Practice Bundle I have put together 11 vinyasa yoga flows that I recorded a few years back with Yogo.TV. Though that service is no longer available I was given access to the videos to share with my community and so here they are. I have put them together like this so that you can practice at home during this challenging time of social distancing and potential isolation.

Online classes will never be a substitute for the studio experience in its entirety, but they can offer the support you might need in getting onto your mat.

I hope that they may be helpful for you.